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What is a Breakdown in Music?



What is a Breakdown in Music

You have often heard the term the chorus, beats, breaks, and breakdown if you ever studied music. They all are termed as the anatomy of the music. A piece of perfect background music for a song is the combination of these terms. How these parts are managed and mixed determines the quality of music produced in the last.

If we see its name a Breakdown in music is slowing down the melody of the song at various places. While playing music each instrument throws out a specific tone. Here the music is broken down by the solo parts of the instruments. Usually, it is created when all the instruments play or repeat the verse individually as their solo parts.

breakdown was invented in a club by Tom Moulton in early 1970

This breakdown was invented in a club by Tom Moulton in early 1970. He cut the melody in various keys. He edited the parts with drums. The people at the club loved the combination. And that was an accidental discovery.

In the breaking down of the music usually, a high-pitched instrument or element is stripped away. The stripping away of vocals presents a very awesome contrast to the music. A sound effect is created by adding some pitched or unpitched voice. The climax is designed with high-intensity sound. This becomes exciting with the increase in the tone and vocals of the sound. It then cuts the beat, the sound drops off and the music returns to its original track.

Breakdowns are noticed in the concerts where the melody is raised to grab the attraction of the audience. In these moments drumming is preferred. The melody produced is for a sudden charge towards the audience. And it results in slam dancing.

A drummer plays a quarter note pattern to create an intense sound effect. If you want to produce a slow tempo you will play a half note on the drum. A guitarist then follows the rhythm. Drummers use kick drums to compensate with the guitarist. They are also interested in playing slow-paced music breakdowns on the guitar. These are played on the lower three strings of the guitar. Tuning of these guitars is also regulated to lower Drop D to create low-tuned sound. They are played in live shows in the metal genre and punk. Many bands use the strategy to create a wave of energy among their audience.

In bluegrass music, the breakdowns occur with a sudden variation of the melody or with the solo playing of the instrument. So far if we see a breakdown in a musical instrument, it refers to the series of a break from the features of the instrument. It shows the tune variations from the change in the instrumental features. Like we said for the strings of the guitar. You can create an intense sound effect; a breakdown in guitar by changing its tuning of the lower strings. And for the case of the drum, the beats are changed for the breakdown to occur in the music. During a breakdown, the pace of all the instruments is changed suddenly to create a sudden change in melody and the track is retained after some time.

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