7 Reasons Spotify is better than SoundCloud

Spotify and SoundCloud are two of the world’s biggest music streaming platforms. They are utilized by millions of people throughout the world. Spotify is more widely used due to its certain features that are superior to SoundCloud.There are many artists present on both platforms. World-known singers, as well as new artists, create content on them which includes music as well […]

What is IELTS and How to Prepare for it in 2021?

Do you want to go abroad for your future studies? You want to have your bachelors or masters degree from somewhere outside your country. You want to go abroad for your future studies so that you can have a bright future and a better chance of getting the dream job you have always wanted.To study abroad you have to give […]

What is a Breakdown in Music?

You have often heard the term the chorus, beats, breaks, and breakdown if you ever studied music. They all are termed as the anatomy of the music. A piece of perfect background music for a song is the combination of these terms. How these parts are managed and mixed determines the quality of music produced in the last. If we […]